Fallout 4 Tips (from the Loading Screens)

Some information in Fallout 4 can only be gleaned from the loading screens, which are random. If, for example, you haven’t seen the loading screen tip on Sentry Bots, you are going to have a really hard time fighting Sentry Bots. So I’ve compiled the following list of tips from the loading screens. I extracted all this information with FO4edit. Tips that fit under multiple headers - such as the tip for “Attack Dog”, a perk that affects Dogmeat - have been duplicated so that they appear once under each header.

Note: the flavor text tips may contain spoilers.

Useful Tips

Enemies / Creatures / Robots








Settlements, Workshops, and Crafting


Chems and Stimpaks


Useful, But Slightly Spoilery

Flavor Text Tips

Enemies / Creatures / Robots


Power Armor

Diamond City


Other Locations

Brotherhood Of Steel

The Institute

The Railroad

The Minutemen


  1. This also prevents enemies with melee attacks (like Feral Ghouls) from getting close enough to attack you.
  2. At press time, this perk is bugged, and will still work when you’re traveling with Dogmeat.
  3. Most doctors will sell it to you, so Bethesda is using an odd definition of “rare” here.
  4. The only exception I’ve found so far is the Railroad Headquarters - but see the “Useful, But Slightly Spoilery” section.
  5. This tip appears twice with slightly different wording.
  6. You can make adhesive from corn, mutfruit, and tatos, so again, this is an odd definition of “rare”.
  7. This doesn’t work with restaurant booths.