Onion-Free Hot Sweet Relish

A hot-n-sweet relish (for your hot dogs, hamburgers, and so on) that has no onions in it, because I do not like the way that onions taste.

This relish will stay good for several weeks in your refrigerator, but it can also be canned with a boiling-water canning process. This recipe does not provide a full guide to boiling-water canning; I recommend consulting the U.S. National Center For Home Food Preservation's canning resources page.

Allergen Information

This recipe contains no common allergens, but it does have mustard and celery (less-common allergens). A substitute for either is outside the scope of this page.

Equipment Required

Optional But Helpful

Equipment You'll Need For Canning

Ingredients Required

Let’s Make Some Relish

Part 1: Chopping Up Vegetables

Part 2: Fill Your Kitchen With Noxious Fumes, For Fun


I am not exaggerating the intensity of the vinegar fumes in the slightest. If you breathe them in, they will burn, and it will not be fun for you.

The original recipe called for 3 teaspoons (one tablespoon) of celery seed. That is way too much celery seed. It does need some amount of celery seed, though; celery seed is a pre-industrial preservative and helps the relish stay good in your refrigerator.

This would probably taste good with apple cider vinegar. I used white vinegar because I always use cheap ingredients when I make a recipe the first time. UPDATE: I have made this recipe with apple cider vinegar and it tastes very similar. With the apple cider vinegar, the relish is a tiny bit sweeter and the "biting" flavor of the vinegar is a little more pronounced. Use whichever vinegar you prefer.