Mac And Cheese, But Put Some Paprika On It

Macaroni and cheese with a Southern twist (the twist is paprika, sausage, and peppers).

This recipe makes enough food to feed 1 Skye and 1 Dan for 4 meals each. I’d recommend cutting it in half if you’re cooking for one.

Allergen Information

This recipe contains dairy and gluten. It can be made gluten-free with the following substitutions:

A dairy-free version is outside the scope of this page.

Equipment Required

Optional but Helpful

Ingredients Required

Optional Ingredients

Let’s Make Some Mac And Cheese

If you have help in the kitchen, you can feel free to do parts 1 and 2 simultaneously.

If you do not have help in the kitchen, do not do both parts simultaneously. I have done it, and it is not possible to do it well when you only have two hands.

Part 0: Heat Up Milk

Put the bay leaves and the milk in the smaller saucepan. Put it on a back burner, on the lowest setting your stove has, with the lid on.

Part 1: Let’s Make Some Pasta

Part 2: Let’s Make A Cheese Sauce

Part 3: Mix It All Together

Part 4: Bake It And Eat It

Part 5: Leftovers

Leftovers can be refrigerated for several days, either in a covered container or in a dish with cling wrap over the top. (I usually put cling wrap over the top of the baking dish and put the entire baking dish in the fridge.) The microwave is an excellent way to reheat leftover mac-and-cheese, which tastes nearly as good as it does fresh out of the oven.


This recipe is based on Mark Bittman's recipe for baked macaroni and cheese.