So You Want To Start Using Fountain Pens

Do you want to start using fountain pens, but you have no idea where to begin? This post is for you.

LoL: Lux vs Morgana

A friend of mine asked on Twitter “In what way is Lux not a direct upgrade from Morgana?” This is the overly long answer.

Freak-Punching Muscle Monster: 5th Edition

A freak-punching muscle monster, with rules adjusted for D&D 5E.

PoC || GTFO Mirroring

We are excited to announce that is now yet another mirror of the International Journal of Proof Of Concept Or Get The Fuck Out. Click the link on the sidebar (or top-bar, if you’re on mobile) to access the finest in proof-of-concept-or-getting-the-fuck-out.

What Does A Six-Degree Rise In Average Global Temperature Mean, Anyway?

When people talk about global warming, they say things like “models predict that Earth will warm between 2 and 6 degrees Celsius in the next century”. But what does that mean? I can’t tell the difference between 74° F and 76° F, or between 23° C and 25° C. Is a two-degree change in global temperature really that important?


We’ll look at two periods in time when the global temperature was within 10 degrees (Celsius) of what it is now – the Ice Age and the Cretaceous.

Fallout 4 Tips (from the Loading Screens)

Some information in Fallout 4 can only be gleaned from the loading screens, which are random. If, for example, you haven’t seen the loading screen tip on Sentry Bots, you are going to have a really hard time fighting Sentry Bots. So I’ve compiled the following list of tips from the loading screens. I extracted all this information with FO4edit. Tips that fit under multiple headers - such as the tip for “Attack Dog”, a perk that affects Dogmeat - have been duplicated so that they appear once under each header.

Note: the flavor text tips may contain spoilers.

Building This Site

I’ve had a couple people ask me how I built this site. This is the short version.

I used Hugo to build my website. This means that my first two posts are both “about Hugo”, which is confusing. Oh well.

The Hugos Are Broken And I Don't Know How To Fix It


The Hugo Awards are awards open to any science-fiction or fantasy1 story published in English the previous year. Nominees are selected, and winners are chosen, by the SF/F fan community at large. Anyone who signs up for a Worldcon “supporting membership” ($45 or so, as of last year) can nominate works for a Hugo award and vote from the list of nominees to determine who wins a Hugo award. Most other speculative fiction awards are nominated and chosen by professionals in the SF/F publishing industry2.

What makes the Hugo awards unique is that they are chosen by what we might call “the speculative fiction fandom”.

As of 2015, this is also the problem with the Hugo awards.

  1. Hereafter referred to as “speculative fiction” or “SF/F”.
  2. The Nebulas, for example, are nominated and awarded by active members of the Science Fiction Writers of America, all of whom have written speculative fiction professionally.